Washington's permanent work at home collection rule is now in effect.  The rule imposes new and onerous privacy, security, and IT requirements on collection agencies that utilize work at home collectors to contact Washington consumers. 

For example, the new rule requires work at home collectors to live in the United States within 100 miles of a licensed office.  Work at home collectors that live outside the country may no longer contact Washington consumers. 

The new rule also requires each company utilizing work at home collectors to maintain robust IT and security policies and procedures.   Under the new rule, the company is responsible for providing each work at home collector a company-issued computer or device to remotely access its system, and the company must be able to remotely disable or wipe the computer or device once the work at home collector is no longer employed with the company.

There are many more requirements and restrictions associated with the new Washington rule.  For assistance implementing and complying with the new requirements, please contact us!


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