Consumer Defense

With 25 consumer defense attorneys across our 10 offices, the Consumer Defense Section is led by Bryan Shartle (metro-New Orleans), James Schultz (San Diego), and Dayle Van Hoose (Tampa), all with guidance from our Senior Partner, David Israel (metro-New Orleans). 

On a nationwide basis, we protect debt collectors, creditors, debt buyers, loan servicers, and other financial institutions from single-plaintiff and class action consumer lawsuits. The Firm has defended claims brought under virtually every federal and state statute relating to collector misconduct, improper credit reporting, and automated telephone calls. We work with numerous errors and omissions insurance carriers. 

We don’t just settle. We litigate our cases in motion practice and try cases when necessary! 

Our attorneys appear nationwide in federal and state courts and arbitrations.

National Reputation

The Firm enjoys a national reputation as having the largest consumer defense practice group dedicated solely to protecting debt collectors, creditors, debt buyers, loan servicers, and other financial institutions.  

We receive and defend more than 1,200 consumer lawsuits across the country every year and protect the largest collection agencies in the world. We receive and defend 250+ putative class actions annually, again addressing federal and state consumer claims. We also resolve nearly 1,000+ pre-suit matters yearly. 

As of year-end 2019, we had defended over 17,000 single-plaintiff consumer lawsuits and over 3,000 putative class actions.

Litigation Staffing

Should you receive a pre-suit demand or be sued, we staff matters based on location, relationships, and expertise. In those states where we have an office, matters filed in that state are placed with that office. 

We always consider whether a particular attorney has a “working relationship” with plaintiff’s counsel. Specialized attorney expertise also factors into our matter assignment decisions. While all our consumer defense attorneys are familiar with the various consumer laws, an attorney with specialized experience may join the team to guide you through complex issues and provide an added edge to your defense. 

What We Provide: 

Our goals are to maintain a long-term relationship with clients with cost-effective litigation, while helping clients achieve their growth and success.

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