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The Licensing Section is led by David Israel (New Orleans) and Lilian Wise (New Orleans).

Licensing and Bonding Services

The Firm assists our financial services clients in obtaining and maintaining their required state licenses and bonds. We have special expertise in the licensing of debt collectors, debt buyers, and student loan servicers, and can provide a “concierge service” to assist you with the required filing in NMLS and the “paper jurisdictions.” Our licensing group includes several attorneys with many years of licensing experience, along with a former Arizona regulator and auditor, and a large team of paralegals.

In addition to assisting with the licensing process, clients also often retain us during the due diligence phase of possible acquisitions to ensure proper licensing of the target business and to review any needed changes to the licensing “architecture” resulting from the purchase.

What We Provide

We can help you by providing:

  • Research and advice regarding licenses needed to operate business and offer various financial products.
  • Completion of initial and renewal licensing and bonding.
  • Registration of business in covered jurisdictions.
  • Ensuring all state and municipal licensing requirements to perform business are satisfied.
  • Assist in the qualification of the business where required and file Annual Reports with the appropriate Secretary of State offices.
  • Analyze and complete due diligence for buyers and sellers of debt collectors, debt buyers, and student loan servicers to ensure proper licensing.
  • Issue no-action letters where needed to regulatory agencies to secure formal positions as to when licenses may or may not be required.

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