Commercial Litigation

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The Commercial Litigation Section is led by Bryan Shartle (New Orleans), Kevin Barreca (New Orleans), and James Schultz (San Diego).

Nationwide Practice

On a nationwide basis, the Firm provides an array of litigation services to our clients, from pre-litigation resolution to arbitration or trial, whether prosecuting or defending claims. Our attorneys appear throughout the country in federal and state courts and frequently arbitrate before the American Arbitration Association or other arbitration forums. We also work with numerous insurance carriers regarding such disputes.

Litigation Staffing

We staff matters based on location, relationships, and expertise. If a matter is filed in a state where we have an office, the matter is assigned to a Firm attorney located in that office. If a matter is filed in a state where we do not have an office, the matter is assigned to a Firm attorney licensed in that jurisdiction or a Firm attorney with a “working relationship” with plaintiff’s counsel. Specialized attorney expertise also factors in our assignment decisions.

Focus on Bottom Line Results

We understand that clients expect favorable outcomes and so we tailor our services to achieve the desired outcome efficiently and creatively. The numbers prove why we are the “go to” law firm in litigation. We have handled 4,000+ class action lawsuits, 25,000+ single-plaintiff lawsuits, and 30,000+ pre-suit demands. We have achieved countless favorable rulings and outcomes for thousands of satisfied clients.

What We Provide

We provide a variety of litigation services to our clients, including:

  • Contract disputes.
  • Unfair trade practices, breach of good faith and fair dealing, breach of fiduciary and custodial duties.
  • Fraud, constructive fraud, negligence, negligent supervision, and negligent misrepresentation.
  • Computer fraud and abuse/stored communications violations.
  • Civil R.I.C.O.
  • Corporate officer and director issues.
  • Family and small business issues.
  • Conversion, lease, and real estate disputes.
  • Construction litigation.
  • Trademark and trade secrets protection.
  • Professional negligence and malpractice and allegations of professional liability for a wide range of industries and professionals, including: attorneys; accountants; brokers/dealers; architects; insurance agents; and sales representatives.

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