Bankruptcy Law

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The Bankruptcy Law Section is led by Bryan Shartle (New Orleans).

Handling Bankruptcy-Related Claims

This group has extensive experience handling claims and advising clients on complex issues that involve bankruptcy. We regularly represent clients in a myriad of different bankruptcy-related disputes, such as defending adversarial proceedings brought by debtors against creditors, alleged stay and discharge order violations, and preferential transfer claims. Leveraging our national footprint, we handle cases in bankruptcy courts, federal courts, and state courts across the country for our financial services clients.

What We Provide

Our bankruptcy practice is broad and diverse. We have successfully litigated numerous bankruptcy issues and claims for many clients, including:

  • Violations of the automatic stay and discharge orders
  • The standing of debtors and trustees to bring lawsuits
  • Bankruptcy court jurisdiction
  • Dischargeability actions
  • Protecting creditor rights from the improper discharge of student loan debt
  • Claims for fraudulent transfers
  • Preferential transfers
  • Turnover actions
  • Valuation disputes
  • Claims litigation
  • Lien avoidance
  • Other matters in consumer and corporate bankruptcies, such as asset purchases and protection of liens and judgments

If you receive a claim or need assistance with the prosecution or defense of a bankruptcy matter related to creditor rights, we are here to help strategically and efficiently guide you through the complex issues and process.

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