The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) just released an updated Form I-9.  Although you aren't required to use the new version until May 1, 2020, employers should start using it now and take steps to come into compliance with the new Form I-9 rules. The new Form I-9 can be found here
The Form I-9 is a document that all employers must complete to verify the identity and employment authorization of every new hire.  Employers are potentially liable for all errors (intentional and unintentional) on the form.  
The Sessions Firm has a new program designed to protect your business.  The I-9 Verified program provides comprehensive, customized services including Form I-9 audits, Form I-9/immigration policy development, Form I-9 compliance training, and electronic Form I-9 storage implementation policies and training.  Our experienced attorneys can guide you through these new Form I-9 changes and what your business needs to ensure compliance.
Consequences of non-compliance can be extremely costly.  Form I-9 audits have increased threefold in recent years (from 1,360 to 5,981 per year), while worksite investigations have increased even more dramatically (from 1,691 to 6,848 per year). Potential fines are increasing - paperwork violation fines can now range between $230 to $2,292 per employee; substantive violations carry even bigger fines and potential criminal sanctions.
Now is the time to review your Form I-9's and compliance policies. Have questions about Form I-9 compliance?  Don't worry - we are here to help! 
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