With the most mixed of emotions, our Firm announces that effective December 31, 2018, our senior partner, Max Nathan, Jr. retired from the practice of law.  

While we are saddened to lose Max's day-to-day guidance and companionship, we are happy that after more than 60 years of practicing law Max is relieving himself of the pressures of continued work. Max can now afford himself additional time with his family and to pursue his wide range of interests in cultural events and civic service. 

As everyone in Louisiana knows, Max has had a long and distinguished career as an attorney.  He has represented thousands of clients and is uniformly respected by his colleagues throughout Louisiana and beyond.  For over 50 years, Max was a professor of law teaching security rights at Tulane Law School.  For an equally long time, Max taught the bar review course to graduate law students throughout the state so they could pass the Louisiana Bar Exam required for licensing.  Max has taught thousands of Louisiana lawyers under the age of 75 who are now practicing in Louisiana. 

Throughout his career, Max has been an active member of the Louisiana Law Institute, acting as the chair of the task forces on drafting Louisiana law on the subjects of trusts and estates.  Beyond being an attorney, Max has been active in numerous civic and cultural endeavors including the Salvation Army, the New Orleans Symphony, Touro Infirmary, the Jewish Endowment Foundation, Jewish Family Service, Willow Wood Home for the Aged, United Way, the Anti-Defamation League. 

While Max has retired, Max will remain available for any background and particular transition needs of our clients.  There will be no loss of personal or institutional knowledge when transitioning client matters from Max to other estate and trust attorneys within our Firm. 

Should you need any assistance or information for which you would normally call Max, please call Jack Alltmont: 504-582-1507, Carole Neff: 504-582-1519, Eric Schorr: 504-582-1540, or Dave Israel: 504-846-7900.

Max, from everyone in our 11 offices at Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, we congratulate you, thank-you for your decades of contribution and service, and wish you the best of all possible times during your retirement.

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