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EEOC Expands Pay Data Collection of EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data to Include Both 2017 and 2018

As we blogged about earlier this week, the EEOC announced it expects to begin collecting EEO-1 Component 2 pay data based on gender, race, and ethnicity in mid-July 2019.  In its notice published on the Federal Register, the EEOC also announced it was still deciding whether to require EEO-1 Component 2 pay data for 2017.

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EEOC Burdens Employers by Collecting EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data

Yesterday, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission officially reinstated its employer pay data survey for employers covered by EEO-1 reporting requirements. 

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May I Terminate a Medical Marijuana User for a Positive Drug Test?

Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states and the District of Columbia (and recreational use is also legal in 10 of those states, plus D.C.), but marijuana remains illegal under federal law. While employers can prohibit workers from using or being under the influence of intoxicating drugs in the workplace, the line becomes much smokier when the employee uses medical marijuana at home to treat a disability but there is no indication of use or intoxication in the workplace.

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EEOC Says EEO-1 Pay Data Will Be Due September 30 (For Now...)

As we blogged about here, a Washington, D.C., federal judge recently ordered the EEOC to reinstate the EEO-1 form's pay-data reporting provisions, which were suspended in 2017 by the Trump Administration. The judge required that the EEOC explain how it would implement her order by April 3. 

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Major EEO-1 Reporting Changes Coming? Federal Judge Rules Employers May Be Forced To Reveal Pay Information

On March 4, a Washington, D.C., federal judge ordered the EEOC to reinstate the EEO-1 form's pay-data reporting provisions, which were suspended in 2017 by the Trump administration. The controversial provisions require covered employers to report pay information by race, ethnicity, and sex.  Importantly, the federal judge's mandate's effective date was not made clear by the March 4 Order. 

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The DOL's New Overtime Proposal Is Finally Here

On Thursday, March 7, the U.S. Department of Labor released its new overtime proposal updating the salary thresholds for workers entitled to overtime compensation.  According to the proposal, the new salary level will increase to $679 per week (about $35,308 annually).  This is a significant increase from the current salary level of $455 (about $23,660 annually).

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Is New Jersey the New California? New NJ Laws Provide $15 Minimum Wage, Expand Family Leave, and More

As we previously blogged about here, New Jersey is moving forward with several employee-friendly laws.

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NYC Bans Hair Discrimination: What Employers Everywhere Need to Know

Last week, New York City became the first jurisdiction to pass legislation making black hairstyles a protected racial characteristic. This legislation is part of a national legal trend that affects employers nationwide.  

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Consensual Romantic Relationships Between Co-Workers Can Result in Big Liability for Employers

When workplace romances go south, the employer can be held liable if not handled appropriately.  

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"The Government Do Take a Bite, Don't She?" IRS Updates Rules on Gifts and Prizes to Employees

In production-based work environments, it's common for employers to use contests, raffles, gifts, prizes and "spiffs" to motivate performance, attendance, and other positive performance standards.  

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